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3 do-it-yourself ideas for your store displays

3 do-it-yourself ideas for your store displays

The kind of store displays used in a retail space can go a long way toward attracting customers and encouraging sales. However, not everyone has the advantage of professional designers or endless resources, and store owners often have to create their own showcases that best highlight the products. Do-it-yourself concepts are cost-effective ways to make a store that shows off items exactly how you desire, and a few of them are great for promoting retail merchandise. 

Here are three simple do-it-yourself ideas that retailers can consider incorporating into a store:

Framed jewelry displays
A fun and easy way to show off your jewelry selection is through the use of framed displays. Whether you use a premade cork board that can hold dozens of pairs of earrings or personally frame pieces of a cork set, you can form unique jewelry displays that look fabulous in all kinds of spaces. 

An added benefit of this type of do-it-yourself setup is that it can be used in a variety of ways. Hanging the frames as part of wall displays doesn't take up much room, and it also allows for some flexibility within the design. You can choose frames that fit into the style of your boutique, painting them to complement certain merchandise. 

Create backgrounds for mannequins 
Many store managers can purchase mannequins for sale and incorporate them into displays, dressing the tools to fit in any style. However, mannequins themselves should not complete a showcase. To successfully top off a display, create a special background that suits the given set of items. If you're not artistically inclined, you don't have to paint full landscapes – seasonal blends of color, paper collages or even actual photographs can all serve as worthy backgrounds. 

Bring the outdoors inside for fall
If you're trying to move fall merchandise, it may be a good idea to create your own displays that utilize warm seasonal colors and traditional autumn themes. Consider stacking bales of hay – real or fake – to act as makeshift shelving units that can display items. Piles of warm fall sweaters, pairs of boots and other accessories catered to cooler weather are perfect when placed against this unique material. Strands faux fall leaves can act as the ideal accent to tie the entire showcase together.