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3 creative ways to promote your end-of-year sale

3 creative ways to promote your end-of-year sale

Between commercials, flyers, billboards and window displays, shoppers are simply bombarded with advertisements during the winter season. With so much information flying at them, how can store owners make their merchandise stand out?

You might think you need to start weeks in advance to draw customers’ attention to items in your shop. Timing is important, but you probably don’t have to start as early as you’d assumed with your advertising campaign. In some cases, doing so can even draw backlash from customers, as Kmart learned this year. According to The Huffington Post, the major national retailer started running Christmas layaway commercials in early September, which prompted customers to question when was too early to start with seasonal ads.

“This is ridiculous!” commented one incredulous shopper via Twitter.

So if time alone won’t guarantee sales, what’s an effective method to show off your best deals without stirring up any anger? The American Research Group has a few tips for more smart marketing that you can implement in your own store displays:

1. Tell a story
According to the source, some of the most effective advertisements are ones that create a compelling and cohesive storyline. Although you might imagine this applies only to commercials, you don’t need moving parts to make a scene come to life. Imagine, for example, your storefront window. When designing the space, you have the option to make it stationary, with the sole function of displaying items on sale, along with their tempting prices. Take this design a few steps further, however, to really engage passersby in your advertising. How can you do this? Organize merchandise so that it creates a realistic display. For example, a home interior retailer might set up a typical household scenario in a front window, using wooden display tables and chairs to advertise the sort of picturesque space that customers can envision in their own homes. The ARG reminds store owners to be sure that they follow through with their “story.” The purpose of the display is to make sales, so remind shoppers how simple it is to select the pieces they see in the storefront window. Use decorative tagging to label your items with tempting discount prices.

2. Utilize music
What sets the scene of every movie and compelling television ad? You’ve got it – music. When guests step into your space, be sure to greet their ears as well as their eyes with a musical display. Consider what tone your space sets when selecting audio accompaniment. For example, a boutique would probably best be complemented by a different type of music than a modern industrial setting. Many digital radio stations are commercial-free for just this purpose, or you can make your own mix of songs that are easy to listen to and catchy without disturbing or distracting your customers. How can you incorporate music into specific sales? An easy option is to modify your playlist based on the time of year. Choose songs that evoke memories of a specific holiday, month or time period, getting shoppers in the spirit of your seasonal sales.

3. Keep it cohesive
One of the most valuable ways a store owner can optimize sales is to align them with an existing theme or tone. Consider what message your space gives off – is it whimsical, industrial or family friendly? Any look can be customized for sales by selecting accentuation that ties everything together. For instance, if you have a colorful shop, choose corresponding pops with items like C3 Custom Color mannequins in a complementary hue and use them as props around merchandise that you particularly want guests to notice.