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2017 Summer fashion trends: 4 retail display tips

2017 Summer fashion trends: 4 retail display tips


It’s time to adjust your retail display strategy for the coming summer. This year’s summer fashion trends have hit the runways and now they’re coming to stores. Here’s what you can do to display this season’s trends to the best advantage:

1. Ruffled tops

Ruffles can add texture, depth and playfulness to a simple summer look. Pouted Magazine reported seeing ruffles at the biggest fashion shows around the world, but there’s no set style that is dominating so far.

Ruffles can appear along a hem, diagonally across the chest or around the sleeves. Fabrics are also varied, so the wearer can express herself in a number of different ways.

For the best retail display strategy, consider using a patterned jersey form cover for this creative look. Floral and paisley patterns accentuate solid color tops and may draw attention to these fun ruffles.

2. Dresses with high-side slits

The formal look of a high-side-slit dress is perfect for summer weddings and other occasions that require a little more attention to detail. For women proud of their summer tans and toned legs, this style of dress is sexy, fun and formal.

Long skirts display well on pant forms that give shoppers an opportunity to see how the fabric lays against the legs. Full dresses, on the other hand, look glam-tastic on one of our fashion mannequins.

3. Off-shoulder tops

Sun-kissed shoulders, bouncy hair and a pair of cool-as-they-come aviators is a gorgeous look for summer 2017. Stylish By Nature reported off-shoulder tops are coming in hot this season. It’s a versatile look that goes well with skirts, shorts or even jeans. You’ll need shelving units to display these tops – be sure to feature a set that matches your store’s decor.

4. Pastel accents for men

For several years, pastels have dominated men’s summer fashion, but this year, styles are trending away from the yacht-life look to something a little more masculine and subdued. FashionBeans noted that not only are pastels being used more as accents this year, but they are also darker than in previous seasons. Use a mannequin to display earth tone pants with a pastel shirt. These are just a few of this season’s hottest fashion trends. If you’re unsure what trends will appeal the most to your target audience, find out how to conduct your own market research to make informed purchasing decisions.