A fun DIY project with pegboard and soup cans

Step 1. Choose a few pieces of decorative paper, and cut into strips measuring 4-1/4". Step 2. Clean and peel off labels of recycled cans. Step 3. Wrap the paper around each can and glue ends together. Set cans aside. Step 4. Choose any color paint you would like for your pegboard. Paint the pegboard pieces with a brush or roller and let dry. Step 5. Hang the pegboard on your wall. Be sure to leave at least a 1/4" space between the board and wall. This will make it easier to attach accessories. Step read more

Unique sale ideas you haven’t thought of yet

Looking for a way to excite your customer base now that the holidays have come and gone? There's little that gets shoppers more fired up than a creative sale event, but it can be difficult for retailers to think of something new. read more

How to make your store more appealing to the modern customer

Does your store still only accept cash? Does your website still play MIDI music? If you want to stay on the competitive edge of retail, then you need to make sure your shop is up to date and appealing to modern customers. read more