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End cap
Item: EC-4
Price: $1.95
White end cap for rectanuglar tubing
Item: WHT-EC
Price: $3.35
End cap with 1 in. extension
Item: EC-5
Price: $3.20
End cap
Item: S-3
Price: $0.85
End cap
Item: S-4
Price: $0.85
1.25x48 Round tubing
Item: V24A-48
Price: $10.95
1.25x60 Round tubing
Item: V24A-60
Price: $11.95
1.25x72 Round tubing
Item: V24A-72
Price: $14.95
1.25x96 Round tubing
Item: V24A-96
Price: $19.95
1x48 Round tubing
Item: V24-48
Price: $8.95
1x60 Round tubing
Item: V24-60
Price: $10.95
1x72 Round tubing
Item: V24-72
Price: $13.95
Rectangular tubing 24 inch
Item: RE-2
Price: $5.95
48in. Rectangular tubing
Item: RE-4
Price: $8.95
***Out of Stock***
48" White Rectangular Tubing
Item: WHT-T4
Price: $11.95
60in. Rectangular tubing
Item: RE-5
Price: $9.95
72in. Rectangular tubing
Item: RE-6
Price: $11.95
96in. Rectangular tubing
Item: RE-8
Price: $16.95
Closed flange
Item: 2808-A
Price: $3.25
Half open flange
Item: 2807-A
Price: $3.55
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