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Fasteners and Pins

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Bar fastener 7 inch
Item: BL-470
Price: $34.50
per 1000
Bar fastener 11 inch
Item: BL-471
Price: $48.50
per 1000
Ball Chain
Item: BC-4
Price: $11.95
per 50
10 Gross,Gold Safety Pin 7/8"
Item: 814-S
Price: $58.95
Per 10 gross
1440,Nickel Safety Pin 1 1/16"
Item: 71-S
Price: $20.95
Per box of 1440
Safety Pins
Item: 79-S
Price: $6.95
***Out of Stock***
Nickel finish dressmaker pin
Item: 815-P
Price: $33.50
T pin
Item: K-1223
Price: $29.50
5" Black StringTach Fastener
Item: STFB
***Out of Stock***
Secur a fastener 3 inch
Item: ST-3
Price: $21.50
***Out of Stock***
Secur a fasterner 5 inch
Item: ST-5
Price: $21.50
***Out of Stock***
Secur a fastener 9 inch
Item: ST-9
Price: $28.50
***Out of Stock***
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