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Eco-Friendly Products

One of the most popular trends in businesses throughout the nation is undertaking eco-friendly endeavors. The eco-friendly movement extends beyond replacing light bulbs or starting a compost pile in your backyard. For some people, it’s important to go green in every facet of life, from food products to fashion choices. There are plenty of green alternatives that you can incorporate in your business to appeal to that portion of your customer base. Many businesses are making strides to be as eco-friendly as possible. Some of the changes could even save you money in the long run. We offer a green solution to displaying and hanging apparel as well as earth friendly retail packaging.

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abstract child mannequin
Item: CM-GL4
Price: $87.00
abstract child mannequin
Item: CM-GL6
Price: $98.00
abstract sitting mannequin
Item: CM-GL2
Price: $76.00
Bulldog Form White
Item: BD-001
Price: $55.95
Sitting Bulldog Mannequin - White Finish
Item: BDS-001
Price: $58.95
***Out of Stock***
Bulldog Form Black
Item: BD-002
Price: $55.95
Sitting Bulldog Mannequin - Black Finish
Item: BDS-002
Price: $58.95
male fabric torso
Item: MFT-13
Regular Price: $154.95
On Sale For: $130.93
All Sales Final
female fabric torso
Item: FPT-11
Regular Price: $154.95
On Sale For: $130.93
All Sales Final
male plastic torso
Item: MPT-12
Regular Price: $187.95
On Sale For: $159.43
All Sales Final
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