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Retail Mannequins

Both big-box and specialty clothing retailers are finding value in updating their stores’ mannequins. Newer mannequins are designed to be more flexible, athletic, or have physical features that are more in keeping with the times. In other words, they’re more real.

The advantages of mannequin displays are numerous. Firstly, clothes sell at a higher rate when displayed at eye level on a mannequin rather than on a hanger or on a display table. Also, they offer an opportunity to cross-sell as one can adorn a mannequin in more than clothing. Drape a mannequin in jewelry, add a hat or gloves. The more imagination you can bring to your presentation, the easier it is for a customer to imagine wearing the items on display.

Additionally, mannequins can provide the customer an opportunity to view an entire outfit – and purchase the whole combination. This can be very effective, particularly with customers who are in a hurry. Consider the woman who has ten minutes to find an outfit for a one-time outing. Displaying an entire outfit on a single mannequin helps her quickly visualize how this combination might look on her. It encourages her to purchase the entire outfit. You’ve provided your customer with a great shopping experience and she has, in turn, helped to boost your average transaction amount.

Mannequins are not just for retail displays and department store windows. For designers and dress-making enthusiasts, having several mannequins available to compare and contrast materials, patterns and design options can play a key part in the creative process. Also, it can save your friends and family from having to hold still as they stand in as a substitute mannequin.

Firefly Store Solutions offers the finest mannequins and mannequin forms in a variety of finishes and poses. Each designed to make your store displays really pop. Our dedicated staff is standing by to assist you with all your retail needs. Give us a call today 1-800-334-696

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Ethnic mannequin male MM-1E
Item: MM-1E
Price: $145.00
Mannequin with molded hair
Item: MH-C
Price: $145.00
white gloss male mannequin
Item: MM-3W
Price: $240.00
white female mannequin
Item: FM-2W
Price: $235.00
white female mannequin
Item: FM-3W
Price: $235.00
white abstract mannequin
Item: AF-1W
Price: $139.00
white abstract mannequin
Item: AF-2W
Price: $139.00
abstract mannequin
Item: MFA1-001
Price: $239.00
ethnic mannequin
Item: EML-1
Price: $139.00
mannequin with molded hair
Item: MH-A
Price: $139.00
gisele glam mannequin
Item: GLAM-1
Price: $145.00
marilyn glam mannequin
Item: GLAM-2
Price: $145.00
mannequin sitting
Item: MH-S
Price: $139.00
plus size realistic mannequin
Item: MFRP1
Regular Price: $225.00
On Sale For: $199.93
mannequin with wig
Item: WL-3
Price: $169.00
plastic mannequin pm-5
Item: PM-5
Price: $112.00
plastic mannequin pm-f9
Item: PM-F9
Price: $112.00
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