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Eco-Friendly Hangers

Earth Friendly Sugarcane Hangers

 Be part of the eco-friendly community by using sustainable sugarcane hangers exclusively from Firefly Store Solutions. The sugarcane hanger is making its entrance for the first time in the US market. These hangers are an alternative for store owners who want a hanger they can feel good about putting in their stores; aesthetically pleasing and good for the earth. They are made from 50% sugarcane and 50% reusable plastic, and are completely biodegradable! The natural differences in the fibers of the sugarcane make each individual hanger unique. Customers will value the earthy feeling of these new hangers, and it provides a link to the outdoors that shows your store cares about its place in the world. We also offer affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo hangers for your retail needs.
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Sugarcane Hanger
Item: HHA3020
As low as $1.99
Sugarcane Hanger
Item: HHA4020
As low as $2.15
Sugarcane Suit Hanger
Item: HHA1020
As low as $2.99
Sugarcane Hanger
Item: HHA2020
As low as $2.15
Natural Bamboo Pant/Skirt Hanger
Item: KIHR14B
As low as $42.00 per BX
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