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Jewelry Displays

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Industrial Piping Bracelet Display
Item: CHBR-045
Price: $37.50
Hanson Industrial Piping Bracelet Display with Dark Wood Base
Item: C2HBR-045
Price: $37.50
Hanson Industrial Piping Necklace Display with Dark Wood Base
Item: C2HNB-045
Price: $47.95
Industrial Piping Adjustable Necklace Display
Item: CHNB-045
Price: $47.95
Hanson Industrial Piping Jewelry display Add on T-Bar
Item: CHAO-045
Price: $17.50
Cork set
Price: $123.95
Necklace easel
Item: 60-1
Price: $3.95
Necklace easel
Item: 61-1
Price: $4.95
Necklace easel
Item: 60-2
Price: $3.95
Chain easel
Item: 92-H1
Price: $7.95
Chain easel
Item: 65-1
Price: $6.95
Chain display
Item: 64-1
Price: $3.95
Premium black velvet necklace display
Item: 175-1S
Price: $8.00
Necklace and Bracelet Bar
Item: 216
Price: $21.95
14" x 18-1/8" Necklace bar
Item: 219-1C
Price: $12.95
Necklace-bracelet bar
Item: 218
Price: $16.25
Necklace bar
Item: 219-1B
Price: $11.25
Bracelet bar
Item: 219
Price: $7.35
Bracelet Ramp
Item: 230
Price: $5.75
Bracelet Ramp
Item: 239
Price: $1.45
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