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Jersey Forms

Create engaging displays with today’s latest professional jersey forms from Firefly Store Solutions. Our high-quality and stylish dress forms are available in black or cream jersey. Complete your presentation with a vintage metal dressmaker bases or a traditional wood base. We offer a wide selection of bases, neck blocks and finials to make your jersey dress form unique to your brand. Firefly Store Solutions has designed an exclusive limited edition line of beautiful fabric form covers to enhance your jersey form display.  As a market leader, we offer a blend of unique and high-quality products to satisfy all your retail store needs. We are proud to offer fast and economical shipping across the United States with no minimum requirements. Our highly dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team is here to answer all your questions, make recommendations, suggest solutions, and assist you with all your retail store needs. Shop online today or call our toll-free order line 1-800-334-6965.

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base jersey form with base
Item: DF6N
Price: $79.00
black jersey form with base
Item: DF6B
Price: $79.00
cream jersey form
Item: DF-N
Price: $57.95
black jersey form
Item: DF-B
Price: $57.95
Black Ladies Blouse Jersey
Item: CFB-6B
Price: $69.00
ladies blouse jersey form
Item: CFB-6N
Price: $69.00
black male jersey form with base
Item: SF38B
Price: $72.00
cream male jersey form with base
Item: SF38N
Price: $72.00
men's shirt jersey form
Item: CSF-38N
Price: $69.00
Ladies linen form
Item: DF-8L
Price: $79.00
jersey form ladies sportswear
Item: RH-6171
Price: $72.00
jersey form men's sportswear
Item: RH-6170
Price: $72.00
Female Linen Form with egghead
Item: WLF-01
Price: $169.00
Male Linen Form with Egghead
Item: WLM-01
Price: $169.00
Off-White linen child form with wood base
Item: WLC-01
Price: $53.00
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