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Gift Boxes

Here at Firefly Store Solutions we believe that no gift is complete without the proper packaging and presentation. Our extensive collection of gift boxes make it easy for you to offer your customers that special touch for their gift. Whether you are looking for large boxes, small boxes, square or rectangle boxes, we have them all!

Offering a variety of gift boxes to your customers gives you an excellent opportunity to increase your average dollar sale. What better add on item than a beautiful and functional gift box? Aside from adding value to a purchase, gift boxes allow you to complete the customer experience, starting from the actual gift down to the finishing touches. The importance of offering customers the complete experience is often overlooked. Including an extensive collection of gift boxes in your product mix is sure to give your store a competitive advantage over other retailers. Your customers will know you care and leave your store feeling fulfilled. And happy customers equal repeat business, thus generating more revenue for your store!

No matter what type of product your retail store sells, Firefly Store Solutions has the perfect gift box solution for you!

Beautiful jewelry gift boxes provide that extra sparkle your customer is looking for when purchasing a piece of jewelry. Choose from gold, silver, natural kraft, or trendy patterned boxes to stock at your retail store. All styles come in an assortment of sizes for you to choose from. If your store needs something a little more high-end, you may be interested in our classic velvet covered box collection. Looking for something a little more casual? Our pillow jewelry gift boxes will be your go-to choice!

Apparel boxes and hat boxes not only protect the garments inside, they create a clean looking surface for you to wrap or attach a bow to. Firefly Store Solutions offers a vast assortment of shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

If your retail store offers gift certificates or cards, don’t forget to stock gift card boxes and folders. These boxes add just the right amount of flair! Your customers will appreciate your attention to detail and finishing touch on their purchase.

All of our gift boxes are made out of high quality materials, and are available for quick shipping directly to your doorstep. Shop our collection of gift boxes online now, or call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives with any questions you may have at 1-800-334-6965.  /div>

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10x7x1.25 White apparel box
Item: FB-10-00
Price: $34.50
per 100
11.5x8.5x1-5/8 White apparel box
Item: FB-11-00
Price: $43.95
per 100
11.5x8.5x1-5/8 kraft apparel box
Item: BO-11-03
Price: $38.95
per 100
15x9.5x2 White apparel box
Item: FB-15-00
Price: $59.95
per 100
15x9.5x2  Kraft apparel box
Item: BO-15-03
Price: $55.95
per 100
17x11x2.5  White apparel box
Item: FB-17-00
Price: $73.95
per 100
17x11x2.5  kraft apparel box
Item: BO-17-03
Price: $71.95
per 100
19x12x3 White apparel box
Item: FB-19-00
Price: $58.95
per 50
24x14x4 White apparel box
Item: FB-24-00
Price: $83.95
per 50
Tie box 14 x 4.5  x 3/4
Item: W-3
Price: $64.95
per 100
3x3x2 White 1pc gift box
Item: GB-33-00
Price: $37.95
***Out of Stock***
4x4x4 White 1pc gift box
Item: GB-44-00
Price: $22.95
***Out of Stock***
6x4.5x4.5 White  1pc gift box
Item: GB-64-00
Price: $35.95
***Out of Stock***
6x6x4 White 1pc Gift box
Item: GB-66-00
Price: $43.95
per 100
7x7x7 White 1pc gift box
Item: GB-77-00
Price: $55.00
per 100
8x8x4 White 1pc Gift box
Item: GB-88-00
Price: $55.50
per 100
9x9x5.5 White 1pc Gift box
Item: GB-99-00
Price: $83.95
per 100
10x4.5x4.5 White 1pc gift box
Item: GB-104-00
Price: $59.00
per 100
12x6x6 White 1pc gift box
Item: GB-126-00
Price: $83.95
per 100
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