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Gridwall Panels & Fixtures

Put first class selling power behind your merchandise with top-quality gridwall panels and accessories

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Black grid panel 1x5
Item: BG-15
Price: $17.00
Black grid panel 2x4
Item: BG-24
Price: $19.00
Black grid panel 2x5
Item: BG-25
Price: $24.00
Black grid panel 2x6
Item: BG-26
Price: $28.00
Black grid panel 2x7
Item: BG-27
Price: $32.00
Black grid panel 2x8
Item: BG-28
Price: $37.00
White grid panel 1x5
Item: WG-15
Price: $17.00
White grid panel 2x4
Item: WG-24
Price: $19.00
White grid panel 2x5
Item: WG-25
Price: $24.00
White grid panel 2x6
Item: WG-26
Price: $28.00
White grid panel 2x7
Item: WG-27
Price: $32.00
White grid panel 2x8
Item: WG-28
Price: $37.00
Chrome grid panel 1x5
Item: CG-15
Price: $17.00
Chrome grid panel 2x4
Item: CG-24
Price: $20.95
Chrome grid panel 2x5
Item: CG-25
Price: $26.00
Chrome grid panel 2x6
Item: CG-26
Price: $31.00
Chrome gird panel 2x7
Item: CG-27
Price: $36.00
Chrome grid panel 2x8
Item: CG-28
Price: $41.00
Slat grid panel black 2ftx5ft
Item: STG2
As low as $25.00
Black grid frame M2006B
Item: M-2006B
Price: $77.95
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