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Hanger Accessories

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Hanger Grip Black
Item: HAC1-002
Price: $16.95
Hanger Grip Clear
Item: UHAC2-000
Price: $18.00
***Out of Stock***
Hanger cover charcoal
Item: 663-C
Price: $8.25
***Out of Stock***
Hanger cover white
Item: 662-W
Price: $8.25
***Out of Stock***
Polyurethane foam
Item: CS-7
Price: $22.95
***Out of Stock***
Double hanging connector
Item: HC-10
Price: $4.50
***Out of Stock***
Drop hanging strip
Item: UPB16
Price: $15.95
per 50
Hanger stacker
Item: HSB
Price: $15.95
Color code markers
Item: MM-1
Price: $4.00
per 100
Mini Markers
Item: HM-
Price: $0.10
Clear sizing labels
Item: CL1
Price: $5.50
per 1000
Wrapper labels
Item: WR1
Price: $5.45
per 250
Folding board 10x12
Item: FB-1012
Price: $4.25
Folding board 8x10
Item: FB-810
Price: $3.75
Alphabet letter set dividers
Item: UD-3
Price: $10.00
***Out of Stock***
Size Dividers
Item: URD-
Price: $0.29
Oblong size dividers
Item: OD-
Price: $0.35
Clear plastic divider
Item: D-19
Price: $0.75
Blank Entry Forms
Item: FB-15
Price: $2.75
per 100
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