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Dressing Room Supplies

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Disposable make-up mask
Item: D-1
Price: $16.75
***Out of Stock***
Disposable Try-On Panty
Item: BB-1
Price: $11.50
***Out of Stock***
Fitting room checks
Item: ST1-6
Price: $7.50
per 6
Fitting room hook 3 inch
Item: FR-3
Price: $4.55
Fitting room hook 6 inch
Item: FR-6
Price: $4.95
Fitting Room Hook
Item: FDL-HO
Regular Price: $3.50
On Sale For: $3.13
All Sales Final
Boutique fitting room hook
Item: BQ-HO
Price: $6.50
Cream distressed hook set
Item: CI-HO
Price: $23.95
Metal hooks
Item: CM-HO
Price: $28.95
Lint roller
Item: LP-300B
Price: $5.50
Lint roller refill
Item: LPR-300B
Price: $4.95
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