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Visual Merchandising

The skill of visual merchandising is more than simply having an idea of your customer’s tastes. Visual merchandising conveys a message and interacts with your customer. It is a support system to maximize your sales and has a tremendous impact – positive or negative – on your store’s profitability.

Simply stating that it requires one to have a fashion sense or an eye for what will sell is an understatement. Implemented correctly, the art (or skill) of visual marketing not only presents your product in a commercially attractive way, it inspires. By engaging with trends, buyer behavior and some creative inspiration, you can make it pay off BIG. 

Implemented properly, visual marketing will not only make the best use of your floor space for maximum profitability, it will enhance your brand. Through store displays, visual merchandising can reflect your aesthetic while honoring the feel and culture of your business. Visual merchandising can draw customers in and close the sale.

Visual components such as color can have a significant impact on the brand experience. Pastels promote a more conservative, soft vibe while loud, bold colors will speak to a younger demographic. Use the applicable colors in your store’s signage and displays to entice your target demographic to really experience the brand.

Consider introducing themes into your store’s retail and/or jewelry displays. This can be an ideal way to introduce a new product to your clientele. Color can be a key element when promoting a theme as well as font, design and seasonality.

Your brand’s voice is important in all of your marketing materials.  Make sure the message is consistent throughout. Make sure the color and feel are consistent along all marketing channels including in-store retail displays, websites, coupons and mailings. Each time your customer experiences another element in your visual merchandising efforts, it reinforces your message and strengthens your brand.

For over 60 years Firefly Store Solutions has provided the tools you need to implement successful visual marketing. You’ll find mannequins, store displays, clothing racks, and pricing equipment in the retail merchandising business, all in one place. Choose from a wide assortment of display cases, gift packaging, slatwall panels, panel fixtures and more.

Order conveniently from our website or shop from our digital catalog. We are here to serve and assist you in creating the best visual merchandising for your brand!

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