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Here at Firefly Store Solutions we are excited to provide quality solutions to retailers for over 60 years. We take pride in consistently providing high-quality store solutions for independent retail stores and developing long lasting relationships. Explore our site and discover a world of unique possibilities with our realistic mannequins, gift bags, and display cases. We work hard to be your trusted supplier for all your retail solutions. Explore our variety of jewelry trays and jewelry cases that are designed to display your jewelry elegantly.     

We believe jewelry can be one of the most popular items purchased year round. If you happen to be a jewelry designer, retailer or just sell jewelry within your store then it can be important to have a product to help you stand out from your competition.

Our exciting jewelry trays with their unique interchangeable inserts will let you keep your retail store’s jewelry organized and tidy. We believe our trays will work well within the ambiance of your store to give it a classy, sleek and refined overall look. Your customers will find delight in the organization and aesthetics our jewelry trays work hard to offer.   

We believe you can delight your shoppers by displaying your jewelry at different heights to add some variation. This could potentially draw attention to your jewelry displays and entice shoppers to try on merchandise. Let’s not forget that every jewelry display can always benefit from mirrors. By placing mirrors around your displays, this could get shoppers interested in trying on your jewelry and form emotional bonds with your pieces.   

Finally, it can be important to keep a consistent theme among your jewelry displays and the rest of your retail store. We believe that by choosing consistent colors among your jewelry trays and other store fixtures this can help your store achieve an overall professional look. Here at Firefly Store Solutions we think this will delight your shoppers.

We are proud to offer fast and affordable shipping throughout the nation so your dollar can stretch further when you need it. We pride ourselves in being able to consistently exceed your expectations and provide an unparalleled shopping experience. 

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