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Jewelry Displays 

Your store’s jewelry displays will either entice the potential buyer to take a closer look or fail to create interest. Jewelry displays call attention not towards themselves but the jewelry within, thereby drawing the potential customer in for a better look.

At Firefly Store Solutions, we provide retailers with the jewelry displays and accessories they need to display jewelry in the most effective way possible.

It is important to reflect the unique personality of your business when creating your jewelry displays. An effective jewelry display can be an exercise in straddling that line between style and restraint.

It can be easy to go overboard with different backgrounds and props. Remember, the jewelry is the star of the show. A busy or cluttered display will only serve to detract from the merchandise on display. Consider displaying much of your jewelry in one of our many gift boxes or earring racks, surrounded by select jewelry pieces from the collection, further accented by patterned backgrounds.

Think about the colors and textures you choose to incorporate into a single display. A unified look is key to your sales success. If the jewelry display is too visually stimulating, you may miss selling the product all together. A homogenous presentation with limited color and pattern tends to amplify the display’s importance and raise the perceived value of your merchandise. A good rule of thumb is to incorporate no more than three colors or three patterns into your display.

Vary the height of your jewelry displays. Consider placing some jewelry pieces at unusual angles – anything to create visual impact and encourage eye movement throughout your display. Give your best, most eye-catching pieces the star treatment. Place them in the most prominent places.  

Here at Firefly Store Solutions, you’ll find everything you need to create the most effective, professional looking jewelry displays. You’ll find attractive jewelry pouches, wrapping and tissue paper, all designed to enhance the perceived value of your merchandise. Shop from our top-quality stands, easels and necklace busts in a variety of styles, colors and finishes. Best of all, when you purchase from Firefly Store Solutions, you get uncompromising value and superior customer service.

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