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The jewelry display plays an important role in organizing and eloquently showcasing your store’s products. While the jewelry is the focal point, the display should help accentuate your merchandise and intrigue your customers. 

Here are a few exciting ways to help you get the most out of your jewelry display.  

Grouping- It can be effective when your display complements the style and personality of your jewelry. A unique feature of great displays is that they imitate the style and personality of the jewelry itself. It can be a wonderful idea to display a variety of personality through your jewelry display case. This can delight your customers and energize your jewelry. 

Display your jewelry prominently- It can be important to have the right jewelry display to emphasize your merchandise, but it can also be equally important to take special care not to overshadow your piece. Sometimes less is more. It can be beneficial to display the majority of your jewelry neatly in jewelry displays, trays, earring racks or gift boxes.  

Create a unified look with your jewelry display. To achieve a professional appearance, consider using a color scheme consisting of a few colors to add a vibrant and refreshing appearance. Next, you can consider choosing a few different textures such as stone, lace or linen. Each of these elements can be used in an alluring mix with the jewelry displays to add texture and achieve a fabulous appearance.   

Add visual interest in your jewelry displays- It can be a good idea to avoid displaying your merchandise completely flat with no variations in height. Consider varying the different heights within your jewelry displays and placing merchandise at odd angles to grab attention from potential customers and create a lovely display. 

Every jewelry display needs mirrors- It is important for customers to be able to try on your jewelry before they make a purchase. It can also help if your shoppers try on the jewelry and make an emotional connection with it. Once the customer has touched it and tried the jewelry on, they start to feel a sense of ownership and connection to the piece. Experiment with mirrors at various heights and lengths in your display to achieve the best results.  

Firefly Store Solutions offers extremely fast and affordable shipping throughout the country with no minimum orders ever. Our goal here at Firefly Store Solutions is to consistently exceed customer expectations and provide superior quality products.  
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