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Gift Wrapping Paper

We often think of gift wrapping as a tedious and even unnecessary post-sale task but the impact it can have on your boutique or gift shop’s bottom line, you may wish to rethink the role gift wrapping paper plays in your marketing strategy. 

Offering your customers and potential customers discounts on trendy items during the holiday season can be an effective way of increasing store traffic and boosting sales. However, there are other ways to provide something of added value to your store’s clientele.

Gift wrapping paper can be perceived as a significant value added proposition.  Consider the entire psychology behind gift wrapping. While it may have had its origins in the effort to conceal gifts, today we expect ornate gift wrapping paper to announce our gifts. In fact, gift wrapping paper can change perception 180 degrees. It can make a $25 gift look like a $75 gift. 

If you’ve offered free gift wrapping services to your customers at holiday time, then you have experienced first-hand the impact this added value can have on store sales. While many of us enjoy this creative activity, there are shoppers who dislike the whole idea of having to wrap a gift. For these customers, leaving the store with a gift already wrapped in a colorful, fun gift wrapping paper or a decorative shopping bag is a necessity. It has a direct effect on where and from whom they purchase.

Additionally, there are those who simply do not have time to wrap a gift. When they’re looking to purchase a gift, they shop with expediency as their top priority.  Anything you can do to make their purchase complete within the period of time they have allotted for this activity can have an effect on whether you get the sale.

Finally, attractive gift wrapping paper and gift wrapping services can help secure repeat business and solidify customer loyalty. When patrons walk away impressed, they typically share the experience with their friends. Good customer service goes a long way!

Firefly Store Solutions offers decorative tissue paper and gift wrapping paper in a wide assortment of designs patterns and colors. For smaller packages, our jeweler gift wrap is the ideal gift wrapping solution. Available in holiday specific and everyday patterns, we have the gift wrapping accessories to meet all of your customer’s needs.

For over 60 years, Firefly Store Solutions has been synonymous with top quality at competitive prices. Order today by calling our toll-free order line at 1-800-334-6965.

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