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For over 60 years Firefly Store Solutions has been a leading retail solutions supplier. We specialize in providing exceptional quality mannequins, display easels, gift packaging and much more for retailers and businesses nationwide.

Your business may have a great product but do you know how to arrange your display cases to sell more merchandise?

Proportion and scale are critical when designing display cases that will be visually appealing and help sell merchandise. Make sure the displays are not too large or too small and balance the space in which they occupy. In addition; it is important to keep a consistent look and feel while using various colors and textures. Grab the customer’s attention by displaying items that don’t look too similar. The first impression is very important in determining whether or not the shopper will make a purchase. 

Color Schemes are equally important when deciding on a display case. When it comes to colors, displays should carry a consistent color scheme throughout – don’t get carried away with too many colors. Also, retail mirrors and display lighting  can be a great way to add depth and invite the customer to try on your products. Make sure to examine your display cases at multiple angles to check for shadows and other lighting irregularities. 

Organization is key when arranging your display cases. Engage the customer to focus on your products. Arrange your displays in a way that draws attention to smaller groupings of merchandise, while keeping your back-stock away from your display cases.

Remember to show price tags within your store displays. This gives customers the information they need without them having to wait and potentially leave your store. Finally finish the sale strong. Consider using either gift boxes or gift wrapping paper before presenting the item to the customer. It is important to give your shoppers a positive experience and keep them coming back.

At Firefly Store Solutions we provide quality display cases for today’s retail stores. Firefly offers a unique variety of display cases to satisfy any independent retailer’s needs while maintaining a lavish appearance. Our distinctive display cases come in a wide variety of styles and types including; glass, cherry, maple and black display cases.

Firefly offers remarkably fast and affordable shipping nationwide with no minimum order requirements. Our highly trained and exceptional customer service team is dedicated to providing an unsurpassed shopping experience. Our goal at Firefly Store Solutions is to exceed customer expectations and provide high quality products at competitive prices.



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