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Clothes Hangers

There is no substitute for the humble hanger.

The right clothes hanger can help merchandise your products beautifully and shelter them from mishandling while keeping them looking beautiful. The right hanger can also protect and preserve your precious merchandise all while accenting your garment racks. Each type of retail hanger, wire, plastic, or wood, has its own unique benefits and special functions. Clothes hangers can be a great way to assist in helping your valued customers find what they are looking for.

Unfortunately, sometimes the wrong clothes hanger can distress and tear the seams of your precious merchandise. If the clothes hangers don’t match, they may distract from your products and take away from your store's overall appearance. Also, it may be a good idea to consider your store’s theme when selecting clothes hangers. You may wish to have your hangers blend in with your stores style and tenor.

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the most common clothes hangers and their benefits and shortcomings.

Wire clothes hangers are inexpensive and easy to replace if something should happen. Unfortunately, they can be flimsy and collapse under the weight of heavier garments.

Tubular hangers are lightweight and can be a splendid idea for lighter garments such as tees and dresses. Unfortunately, since they are lightweight these hangers may not be ideal for suits or jackets.

Wood clothes hangers generally tend to be strong and durable. These hangers hold up perfectly to heavier merchandise and also prevent your cherished clothes from hanging too close to one another thus prolonging the life of the garment.

We have the perfect clothes hangers waiting for you with our extensive inventory. In every shape and size, you will never run out with the strongest, most durable hangers in the industry. Our hangers are perfect for any store decor and are sure to make an impression on your customers.

Choose from economical plastic shirt hangers, durable wire hangers or beautiful rich mahogany wooden hangers in natural or lovely licorice black finishes. Regardless of which you choose for your store, you’ll know that at Firefly Store Solutions, we have the very best. You may even want to consider combining clothes hangers with our garment racks to invigorate your store.

Questions about retail hangers, wholesale purchases or anything else you’ve found on this site? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at 1-800 334-6965 to speak with a knowledgeable member of the Firefly Store Solutions team. We would love to help you with any of your retail merchandising needs. Firefly Store Solutions carries everything from Eco-friendly packaging to mannequins. Let our dedicated and expertly trained staff assist you today.  

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