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Cellophane Bags  

Firefly Store Solutions is your number one trusted supplier of all your retail business needs. With over 60 years of experience under our belt you can rely on us for superior quality products and services. We specialize in carrying everything from literature racks to Eco-friendly hangers.

Our cellophane bags are the perfect addition for any gift giving experience. An instant classic- they are FDA approved and they are an excellent size for merchandising holiday baskets. You can also pair them with our assortment of curling ribbon and your innovative packaging will excite your customers.

There are many kinds of cellophane bags available. It is important to remember to reinforce the base of the bag if you are packaging a large item for one of your valued customers. You can reinforce your cellophane bags with cardboard or card stock to strengthen the base to create beautiful arrangements for your shoppers. Cellophane bags are prized as a packaging material for their higher quality, specifically their material properties. They are resistant to any kind of liquid, however they do allow vapor to pass through. This means any precious products wrapped in cellophane are protected from being wet and damaged.

We care about the environment and so should you! Here’s why choosing cellophane bags is the better choice…

Cellophane is more environmentally friendly than other plastic gift wrapping options. It is primarily made of a wood derived material, making it easy to dispose of and recycle.

Our cellophane bags are splendid for any occasion and are the perfect substitute for plastic products. Cellophane is completely biodegradable and much more eco- friendly than alternative packaging materials.

Cellophane bags will break down faster than paper or even green leaves.

Studies show the average time for cellophane to break down is around 28 to 60 days for non-coated and 90 to 120 days for coated cellophane bags. Compared to traditional plastics which show almost no signs of breaking down after extended periods of being buried.

Firefly Store Solutions is proud to offer quick and affordable shipping on all our items with absolutely no minimum orders ever. Our goal is to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations every time. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers by partnering with each one on an individual basis. 

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