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Firefly Store Solutions continues to be a trusted resource for retail businesses with over sixty years’ experience and dedicated to providing superior retail solutions. Our goal is to consistently provide high-quality products while building partnerships with businesses on an individual basis. Firefly Store Solutions carries a vast assortment of retail fixtures from outdoor signs to clothing hangers and literature racks.
Do you know how to choose baby hangers for your retail store? 

Plastic baby hangers- Generally, these commercial plastic clothes hangers are white, black or clear. Their quality sometimes varies from lightweight and flimsy all the way to heavy and durable. These plastic baby hangers will work well as an all-purpose hanger used for shirts or dresses. These durable plastic baby hangers are ideal for adorable baby clothes and have rounded edges for safety. They are durable enough for shirts and pants. 

Wooden baby hangers- These types of hangers are available in a natural wooden finish and tend to be simple, strong, and aesthetically pleasing. Wooden hangers are fabulous for your most valued clientele since they keep garments from hanging too close to one another. Over time, this will lengthen the life of the baby’s clothes. Wooden baby hangers are perfect for your baby’s coats, jackets and cardigans - and they look great. They are ideal for tying in the aesthetics of your store in with your merchandise displays.
Why are Firefly’s baby hangers so good?

We believe our baby hangers can enhance your merchandising displays while prolonging the life of your store’s garments. Firefly’s baby hangers are versatile in their appearance and with various types and shapes available, we’re sure to have baby hangers that will meet all your stores retail needs. If your retail business is in the market for high-quality hangers for your larger and older clientele we have high-quality regular clothes hangers as well. 

For your smallest and most precious clientele, choose Firefly Store Solutions for the highest quality in baby hangers. Our hangers will hold little delicate garments in place with our premium baby hangers all while working seamlessly with your store’s décor to provide a unique customer experience. Choose from durable clear plastic, white or black hangers. Or perhaps opt for a more natural rustic appeal and choose wooden baby hangers with no-slip notches.
Let our highly trained and knowledgeable customer service team assist you today with all your stores retail needs. We are here to answer any of your questions or concerns. We strive to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations by providing high-quality products at affordable prices.   

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