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Acrylic Displays  

Acrylic displays are the perfect addition to any retail store. Acrylic displays have plenty of benefits to offer your store and your customers. Use the clear plastic displays at your cash wrap to energize the checkout process or around your store to protect valuable merchandise.  

You probably know all about acrylic displays but here are some tips that may help you.

Size- when shopping for acrylic displays you may want to pay attention to the size. Some acrylic cases might be designed as towers, while basic ones are more like longer counter top cases. It is good to know how much product you plan to display and then choose a size and style that matches your store.

Amount- the next step is to determine exactly how many acrylic displays your retail store needs. Shops that carry electronics and jewelry may want to consider a larger number of cases. Most of their merchandise may require a larger, more robust display. Convenience stores and clothing stores may only require a few smaller acrylic display cases for their more precious items.   

Safety and locking mechanisms- a neat feature of acrylic cases in retail is the ability to lock your cases. This may help protect your more valuable products. A great way to deter theft in your store is to place your merchandise in locked acrylic displays. This ensures you are able to assist your customers without the need to keep a watchful eye over expensive merchandise.

Visibility- acrylic display cases make merchandise easy to browse. Jewelry tends to work wonderfully in clear cases. The added visibility lets you show off your stunning jewelry selection to your customers. If visibility is a main concern, be sure to use mirrored sides in the acrylic display case that reflect your products. Another neat trick that could add visibility to your merchandise is to add lights. This will provide illumination and help keep your products looking beautiful.

Acrylic Display cases are just one of the many specialty products offered here at Firefly Store Solutions. Our most important priority is to consistently provide genuine care for our customers. We achieve this by partnering with each one on an individual and personal level. Make sure to take a look at our testimonials page to see why you should partner with us. We are your one stop shop for all your retail needs with over 60 years of providing comprehensive retail store solutions for businesses.

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