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Slatwall Panels

Displaying merchandise in an attractive and effective manner not only makes your store look great, it helps boost sales and drive profits. Available in a variety of materials and finishes, slatwall panels and slatwall accessories make it possible to maximize your floor square footage. Additionally, slatwall panels are a great way to display your high margin merchandise in the most effective way possible.

The right slatwall panels and accessories offer a clean, contemporary look while ensuring that merchandise is arranged in such a way as to provide customers easy access. High margin product can easily be displayed at eye level.

Not only do they maximize exposure of high margin items, their flexibility enables the merchandiser to rearrange the display layout from time to time, ensuring that store displays look fresh. In fact, slatwall panels provide the retailer with an almost endless number of display possibilities.

Installation and assembly of your slatwall panels is as simple as 1-2-3. Start by anchoring your panels to the drywall surface and add the necessary slatwall panel fixtures such as display hooks and/or brackets. Put the shelves in place and you’ve completely installed the slatwall panel unit.

Need a freestanding slatwall display? Enhance customer interactively through use of Firefly Store Solutions’ free standing slatwall units. Available in maple, cherry and white, you’re sure to find a finish that works well with your store’s look and brand identity.

We also carry slatwall panel fixtures such as slatwall hooks, shelves, shelf brackets, and wire baskets, making Firefly Store Solutions your one-stop source for all your store’s retail display solutions. Contact us today for the finest quality slatwall panels and slatwall accessories.

Please be advised that slatwall is used for lightweight applications. Aluminum inserts must be used for heavier display.

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Slatwall Featuring Mossy Oak® Pattern
Item: SW84-MO
Price: $102.00
Ash Barnwood Slatwall
Item: SW84-AB
Price: $77.00
Weathered Barnwood Slatwall
Item: SW84-RB
Price: $77.00
Corrugated Tin Slatwall
Item: SW84-CT
Price: $310.00
Old Barnwood Slatwall
Item: SW84-BW
Price: $340.00
White Barnwood Slatwall
Item: SW84-WB
Price: $340.00
Slatwall unfinished 2x4
Item: FW-48U
Price: $18.00
Slatwall white 2x4
Item: MW-48W
Price: $21.00
Slatwall unfinished 2x8
Item: FW-96U
Price: $33.00
Slatwall white 2x8
Item: MW-96W
Price: $38.00
Slatwall hardrock maple 2x8
Item: MW-96HM
Price: $38.00
Slatwall oak 2x8
Item: MW-96O
Price: $38.00
Slatwall Cherry 2x8
Item: MW-96C
Price: $40.00
4&#39 H x 8&#39 W Unfinished slatwall FOB VA
Item: FW-84U
Price: $47.00
4&#39 H x 8&#39 W White Slatwall FOB VA
Item: MW-84W
Price: $57.00
4&#39 H x 8&#39 W Gray slatwall FOB VA
Item: MW-84G
Price: $59.00
4&#39 H x 8&#39 W Hardrock maple slatwall FOB VA
Item: MW-84HM
Price: $59.00
4&#39 H x 8&#39 W Maple veneer FOB VA
Item: FW-84MV
Price: $101.75
4&#39 H x 8&#39 W Oak slatwall FOB VA
Item: MW-84O
Price: $59.00
4&#39 H x 8&#39 W Cherry slatwall FOB VA
Item: MW-84C
Price: $61.00
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