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10x7x1.25 White apparel box

10" x 7" x 1-1/4" White
Item: BO-10-00


per 100  

11.5x8.5x1-5/8 kraft apparel box

11-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 1-5/8" Kraft
Item: BO-11-03


per 100  

11.5x8.5x1-5/8 White apparel box

11-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 1-5/8" White
Item: BO-11-00


per 100  

15x9.5x2  Kraft apparel box

15" x 9-1/2" x 2" Kraft
Item: BO-15-03


per 100  

15x9.5x2 White apparel box

15" x 9-1/2" x 2" White
Item: BO-15-00


per 100  

17x11x2.5  kraft apparel box

17" x 11" x 2-1/2" Kraft
Item: BO-17-03


per 100  

17x11x2.5  White apparel box

17" x 11" x 2-1/2" White
Item: BO-17-00


per 100  

19x12x3 White apparel box

19" x 12" x 3" White
Item: BO-19-00


per 50  

24x14x4 White apparel box

24" x 14" x 4" White
Item: BO-24-00


per 50  

3x3x2 White 1pc gift box

3x3x2 White gift box
Item: BO-33-00


per 250  

4x4x4 White 1pc gift box

4x4x4 White gift box
Item: BO-44-00


per 100  

*High Demand Item

6x4.5x4.5 White  1pc gift box

6x4.5x4.5 White gift box
Item: BO-64-00


per 100  

6x6x4 White 1pc Gift box

6x6x4 White gift box
Item: BO-66-00


per 100  

7x7x7 White 1pc gift box

7x7x7 White gift box
Item: BO-77-00


per 100  

8x8x4 White 1pc Gift box

8x8x4 White gift box
Item: BO-88-00


per 100  

*High Demand Item

9x9x5.5 White 1pc Gift box

9x9x5.5 White gift box
Item: BO-99-00


per 100  

10x4.5x4.5 White 1pc gift box

10x4.5x4.5 White gift box
Item: BO-104-00


per 100  

12x6x6 White 1pc gift box

12x6x6 White gift box
Item: BO-126-00


per 100  

Hat box 12x12x6

12" x 12" x 6" Hat box
Item: M-12126


per box of 50  

Hat box 14x14x7

14" x 14" x 7" Hat box
Item: M-14147


per box of 25  

23 Results (Viewing 1 - 20 of 23)

Once a shopper finds the perfect gift, what is the next thing he or she looks for? The perfect gift box, of course.

Great gift boxes not only add value to a purchase, they enhance a store’s image and tell your customer that you care. Great gift boxes can make a gift item look more expensive than it really is. They tell your customer that you’ve thought of every aspect of the gift giving experience for them.

From Kraft apparel gift boxes to elegant white interior/exterior one page and two page options, we have wholesale gift boxes in a full assortment of sizes and styles. Give your customers what they want with jewelry gift boxes that will add an extra sparkle to their gift purchases.

Gift giving is an art. It tells the recipient how important they are. Presentation matters - probably more than most of us realize. Just as thoughtful gifts can make the recipient happy, attractive gift presentation can convey that same feeling to your store’s customers.

With the wide variety of wholesale gift boxes available at Firefly Store Solutions, we’re sure to have the gift box colors and sizes you require. Call us today at 1-800 334-6965 to speak with a member of our retail design team or shop online with us.

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